Making Life Easier

In learning about getting things done (GTD), I found that I need to find a better way to organize my life to increase my creativity.  Workflow management is about taking the tasks needed to accomplish and organizing them to improve productivity.  Typically, the tasks at hand are written on a post it note and stuck to my school computer.  After learning more this week about how to be productive, I realized I might not be organizing as well as I should.  In order to expand my horizons, I tried using the program called Evernote.  Evernote allowed me to create my “to do” list as well as upload documents.  When I first began, I did not realize how putting my “to do” list online would be beneficial so I began searching for other ways to use this tool.  I found this tool to be very helpful when organizing my teaching lessons.  For example, in may have a lesson that includes a YouTube video, presentation, some example problems with visuals, and some common mistakes.  I can organize all of this information using Evernote so that it is all together and accessible by viewing, replaying, and sharing.  I could easily share this information with parents and students so that parents can help their child with homework and that absent students can receive and view the missed material.  I look forward to continue exploring and using this tool and appreciate any additional insight.


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