Learning by Watching: Take Three

On my quest to make sushi using brown rice, I found the following video.  This video helped me to figure out how to make brown rice sticky so that it can be wrapped and hold the ingredients.  Although I have not got the chance to make the brown rice sushi, I fear that it will not be as easy or as straight forward as the video states.  I think that the most difficult part for me during this assignment has been to not use the other resources I would normally use.  Although the YouTube videos have been extremely helpful, I like to have conversations with others who have made sushi before.  Luckily, I do not know many people who have made their own or I would have probably failed already.

This whole experience so far has been great and actually forced me to make sushi.  If I had to say what has been the most difficult part of this experience, it would be the following:

  • Consistency of the rice to make it sticky
  • Ensuring the correct amount of ingredients is inside
  • Sealing the sushi roll
  • Using brown rice

I am looking forward to showing everyone how much of a sushi “master” I have become in the upcoming weeks when I post my video.


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