Making Sushi: Giving Back

If you have been following my blog you would know that for a class, I was challenged to learn to do something by only watching YouTube videos. I chose making sushi. This video accurately portrays that I now know how to make sushi and I thought I would contribute to anyone else who would want to know how to make sushi by allowing them to follow my instructions.

The video however does not show how I struggled a few times in previous attempts to make sushi, but that is all part of the learning process. Should I ever attempt a “network learning” skill again, I think I might make sure I am recording the skill I am learning each time I attempt and have an outtakes reel at the end of my video. That way viewers could learn from my mistakes.

The overall take away from this experience is that I really did learn the skill and worked out any wrong doings on my own. Is that the way I would like my students to learn? The answer is yes, however I do teach math and I knew what the end product of making sushi was supposed to look like. If my students do not understand how to make sure their answer makes sense this way of learning might not work in all cases. In certain instances, I believe this could be a brilliant way of teaching.


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