Concluding Post

During the course of the semester I found that there were many things that I will take back to my classroom in the fall.  Throughout this class I have not only learned new concepts about integrating technology into the classroom, but learned many small helpful details as well.

Using WordPress for blogging taught me how I can transform a blog into a professional website.  Not only did I figure out how to set up my own copyright licensing using creative commons, but I also learned how to make sure that I am teaching my students how to failry use copyrighted materials.  

Another tool that I will use in the classroom is YouTube as well as other video viewing tools.  It is evident through my networked learning video that I acquired a new skill by watching videos and I am very excited to share this with my students.  They use this tool for learning something they might have always wanted to in addition to aiding them with a math concept they might be struggling with.  I have used YouTube videos in class before but never as a homework assignment to show different insight on a concept.  

The last tool that I will use is Twitter.  I honestly believed that Twitter was not something I could use to enhance my teaching.  I now know that Twitter could take my teaching to the next level by expanding my collaboration across the world.  There was no doubt in my mind that collaboration is such an important tool, but I did not realize that Twitter could be used in this way.  In an instance I can have a scholarly conversation with people in my field discussing ways to enhance my teaching.

I am excited to get started using my new knowledge with my students and I want to say thank you to my professors for helping continuing my education throughout this course and beyond.


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