Remix Video

This week, I learned that everything created was derived and altered from previous work. This is called remixing.  Using Mozilla Popcorn, I was able to become a maker and create a remix video to show the importance of integrating technology into the classroom.  Children are growing up in a world of technology and if we deprive them of using technology we are doing them a disservice by not preparing them for their futures.  Technology engages the students as well.  Although the video may seem quite simple, the process of creating the video was difficult and there was a huge learning curve for me. 

When it comes to technology I am the type of person who likes to try to figure it out before asking for help.  It took a while to figure out which videos Mozilla Popcorn would accept and also to find out that I could not import pictures.  From here, I watched a helpful video that showed me how to insert text and pop ups.  I also found two types of music by searching through SoundCloud and looking for a slow classical song as well as a fun classical song to help the transition of my video.  One of the hardest parts was making the timing right meaning where one video ended the other had to start.  In addition, it was difficult finding the exact time that I wanted a clip of the video to begin and end.  The biggest problem I had was uploading the video.  I have been uploading it for close to two hours now and it is still not complete.  I am not sure if this is normal or not.

Now that I have completed this project I feel like I could create another video in half the amount of time.  I did feel an enormous sense of accomplishment after completing it.  I hope you enjoy and that my video works. 


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