Final Reflection

Throughout the class CEP 811 at Michigan State University I have learned so many things and more importantly changed my mind set.  The importance of guiding my students to express their creativity has always been present.  However, I did not think about the importance of them becoming makers.

This generation of students has had so much more experience with technology than earlier generations did.  Until now, I always saw technology as a way to enhance the curriculum.  I now know that we can use technology to show students that they can be makers and that anything is possible.  What an amazing skill to empower my students with.

Although using the maker kits became more difficult for me to relate to my high school mathematics classroom, I would still like to try to integrate them somehow.  At this time, I feel like I could see the makey makey working better in an elementary or specials classroom.

The quote from the MAET program states “As adult learners, we are most interested in your growth – and you will be evaluated on the basis of how far you go, not on the basis of where you started.”  As I re-read this, I thought what a great way to assess.  Progress should be measured, not so much right or wrong.  Students, including myself, all learn at a different pace and in different ways.  My favorite way to describe this is by comparing student learning to a doctor prescribing a drug, no one prescription works for every patient just as no one way of teaching works for all students.  If I were to evaluate my own growth after taking this course I would say I learned a lot.  The learning theories helped me to figure out how much education has evolved as well as the different theories that I have a tendency to teach more often than others.  Whether I am telling students to memorize their fast facts, which is the cognitivism approach, or using an exploratory approach and letting them discover they are computing surface area understanding how my students learn best is key.

The biggest afterthought of the course became from me reflecting on my favorite assignments.  I really enjoyed creating my ultra micro massive open online course.  Although I had no experience with a MOOC before it became a real fun task to create my own.  It allowed for me to feel good about what I know and do pretty good, which is play and coach volleyball.  Creating this MOOC was fun and I thought about presenting the idea to my students and asking them what type of course they would teach or create if they could to get to know them a little better at the beginning of the school year.  I also reflected on enjoying coming up with ideas and creating my maker experiment.  Although I struggled with integrating into a math context I had fun trying to come up with ideas.  I even involved my family for brainstorming.  I firmly believe that my reflection of these two assignments taught me that I enjoy being able to be creative just as much as my students do and I really need to stress the importance of that in my classroom.

I plan to implement as much as I can to allow my students to be creative and innovative.  This class has taught me that that is what my students need and want in my quest to make them the best that they can be for their future endeavors.  For that I say thank you Bill and Missy.


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