Problem of Practice

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I have identified a problem of practice as being students having difficulty remembering information. A possible solution would be to allow them to be creative and make a comic strip that they would remember. Using the tool, students will be able to show what they know in a comic strip and create a scenario that follows the guidelines of either inductive or deductive reasoning.

In the past, I let students create a cartoon video with text to speech using for this lesson and they absolutely loved it. That site is not working so I needed to find something else. You can also see that this type of tool could be used in any classroom and have multiple different purposes. I hope you can find a way to add this wonderful tool to your own classroom.

Although I tried embedding my video, wordpress kept saying that it was fetching the video. The link is below.


One thought on “Problem of Practice

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this website! I am already thinking of ways I can use it in class. My students have trouble remembering as well and I have tried different ways to help them remember Algebra. I have used Xtranormal before, and they loved it. I am sure students would love creating their own comics as well. I have never thought of using comics with math, but it would definitely benefit and allow them to show creativity. I know I would have some students who would ask to create/draw their own comic which would be great too! This would be a great activity for review before an assessment. Students could share their comics with each other to help review concepts. I am so excited to try this in my class, I think I might use it next week! Awesome tool!

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