Wicked Problems

This week I read several chapters from a book called The Anti-Education Era: Creating Smarter Students Through Digital Learning by James Gee.  It discusses how we need to create learners to desire and attempt to solve some wicked problems in life and more specifically, America.  The link provides the “take aways” I had while reading this book as well as what makes it so incredibly difficult to solve these problems.  Please read, respond and enjoy.



One thought on “Wicked Problems

  1. I really like how you connected what your read to your classroom. The links you used with your students are great for student to shows perception and attention. I feel like you could have a very interesting and effect discussion as a class about it. Isn’t what Gee says about frozen time interesting and accurate? It really made me think about my own ‘frozen time’ and what I need and can change. You hit it on the head when you said educators have a lot of work to do.

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