Personalized Curriculum Aids ADHD


Too many students are prescribed drugs due to the fact that students are bored and not worked to their ability. A solution to the problem is a free curriculum called Ten Marks. Not only will this benefit students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it will benefit all students. Please read my research and suggestions in the paper attached at this link provided.



One thought on “Personalized Curriculum Aids ADHD

  1. I have never heard of this technology before. It seems like it would work great with students with special needs, especially for students with ADHD. This would be great to use with students during a study hall or extra time in class when they clam they have nothing to work on. I am very interested in trying this with some of my students. It could be a good way to review previously learned information throughout the year. I know many school around my area are using common core with mathematics so I love that it is CCSS aligned.

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