Adding Something New to My Infodiet

Learning about my personal information diet caused me to reflect a lot on my own political views.  Politics becomes an avoided topic of discussion due to creating tension through varying opinions.  My infodiet has always consisted of myself staying neutral to topics because I consider myself to be independent due to my beliefs and ability to debate certain points on both liberal and conservative sides.  Therefore, to help expand my infodiet and learn about various new ways of looking at education, I decided to follow Rush Limbaugh, Barrack Obama and John Kerry on twitter.

Through beginning to follow Rush Limbaugh, the so called biggest conservative and political commentator, I can explore his new child rearing technique as well as his take on how the employment rate went down.  According to Rush Limbaugh’s statistics the reason the unemployment rate went down was due to the fact that people have been not participating in the labor force and hence fewer people become counted in this equation.  In teaching mathematics, I have to be aware of all of the variables and extenuating circumstances that go into making data plausible.  I had not thought of this insight until this assignment.  Unfortunately, the news and my internet sources had convinced me that the unemployment rate was getting better by making me believe that the same amount of people were still participating.

Through following Barrack Obama, I learned that it is domestic violence awareness month and how the tea party shutdown stopped funding to Head Start programs, keeping 7,000 children out of school.  Luckily, emergency funding was received but how long will the shutdown last and will the emergency funds be enough?  Education is so critical and this is where we do not invest our money.

John Kerry’s twitter feed had information about human rights and links to updates on the climate security report.   Overall, his twitter feed felt a little less informative and seemed to tell me useless information about him that made him seem more human than the other feeds.  Due to the fact that he is an environmentalist and that I work at an environmental school I can incorporate his knowledge and information from his feed into my classroom.

In following these three people on twitter,  I can expand my political views and have a vast amount of  information not only to back my opinions but to share with my students.  It is relevant to be able to stay current on events in the world as well as thinking critically about the information we get from such sources that could be rendered unhealthy for our infodiet.


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One thought on “Adding Something New to My Infodiet

  1. Laurel,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. You interpreted the assignment completely different then myself so it was very interesting reading your blog and comparing it to mine. I chose to focus on two educational issues that I passionately believe in and found opposing websites to follow. While you chose to follow people.
    I had no idea that the tea party shut down affected Head Start. The Head Start program in my low income school district is very popular. We had not been informed that their funding was cut. I am glad to hear that there was emergency funding but you are correct what is going to happen when that money runs out? Children should not be denied schooling because the government is shut down. I hope they can figure it out soon so students can continue to be educated.

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