Failure IS an option

When students first enter my classroom they are afraid to participate.  Students that are afraid to participate means failure to try and get the wrong answer.  It takes some time to train them to feel safe enough to try.  This is why I feel so passionate about failure as an option.  Please take some time to look at our paper and prezi project whether you agree or disagree.   My group demonstrates not only the importance of promoting failure but how ways to change to integrate it.  



One thought on “Failure IS an option

  1. Laurel,
    I think your group did a great job on the white paper! Your research topic and solution very present and easy to read. Two things I believe you need to change is that all aspects of your think tank project have to uploaded to blendspace (which is really easy) or s’more and then that link has to be embedded in your blog. The second thing I think you need to change is your multimedia component. I e-mailed Emily about this and it’s my understanding that it needs to be a movie with photos or video clips with audio. I believe your prezi presentation would only be considered the visual representation. I would check with Emily on this maybe. But I really did enjoy your visual representation. I think students would enjoy participating in a lesson created with that website! Overall, great job!

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