Educational Technology

Integrating technology into classrooms was where I needed to improve on evaluations.  Due to budget cuts and lack of access to school technology, I believed that there was no way to make this happen.  Even if I had access I had no clue how to integrate technology effectively and creatively.  It was not until I began this program at Michigan State University that its importance officially made sense.

Since beginning this program, I have applied for technology through donors choose, attended a professional development seminar that had a grant that allowed me to receive a projector as well as document camera and also used my classroom budget to get three classroom tablets.   My students have created videos, cartoon strips, webquests, mindmaps and presentations.  Every time I am able to produce a lesson with technology they are not only engaged but they remember the information due to their creations.  The article by Thomas Friedman emphasizes that teaching students to be innovators is essential for their futures considering computers now perform tasks that people in past generations once have.

To show the importance of integrating technology I created this comic strip using make beliefs comix.  It only allows for three slides, but the website is free and it still allows for a wide range of creativity.  Once finished, students can email you the finished link.  I wanted to make it apparent that I will continue to search for ways to utilize technology and I hope I showed it through this comic strip.




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